Scenic Courses
26, 38, 81, 100 mile route distance options
Pizza and Beer After-Ride Celebration
Mardi Gras Street Party

The Mardi Gras Pizza Fondo is the newest is a series of events produced by CAAM Events and is part of the CAAM Tour Series.

You'll enjoy changing terrains, including riding along lakes, under canopy trees, farmlands, along the Intracoastal Waterway and a stop at the Atlantic Ocean in New Smyrna Beach, where you'll take a group picture with your cycling teammates.

The post-ride celebration includes pizza and beer from the Sanford Pizza Company and the Sanford Mardi Gras Street Party later at Celery City Craft!

Route Distance Options:

Gran Fondo - 160k / 100 miles
Medio Fondo - 130k / 80 miles
Piccolo Fondo - 60k / 38 miles
Breve Fondo - 40k / 25 miles